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Thank you

This is my first entry and it won't be my fucking last. I don't know about you, but Madonna is nothing but a saggy, wrinkled old STD infected artifact. She can't even sing, all of her songs sound shitty (vocal-wise, beat-wise, eh..) Someone needs to tell her to quit singing and retire! Shit, Loudres must be embarrassed as fuck having a buffed up gap-toothed troll for a mother. Holy shit, I know I would. Her husband must be to because he such be hung for even thinking that he wanted to marry this, this...shit.

She needs to quit hanging around Shitney Spears. She looks desperate, but the similarities are there, so it looks a little normal. They both can't sing, they love getting assraped, they're both ugly, they are horrid entertainers, they both need to be shot, their fans are crazy as fuck, they both aren't talented in any way on the planet Earth, they're both disgusting, Madonna fucked up feminism in her heyday while Britney fucked up America in hers (9/11, anyone?), they both need a reality check, they both need brains and a whole shitload of strange similarities.

But I digress, the point is that Madonna is a media whore that can't accept the fact that no one gives a shit about her reinevation anymore, as they realize that they're other more talented singers out there that deserve to be known. Besides her reinvention now just looks sad, not believable like before she contracted a wide-variety of STDs spanning from America to Australia. She isn't the Queen Of Pop, more like Queen Of Old Talentless Fucks. I wish nothing on her except that this filthy bitch finally realizes that she is nothing but a piece of shit. A scum, the lowest form of a human being, nah fuck it, she's a dog. A filthy, filthy dog with rabies.

Thank you, and goodfucking night.
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