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Madonna SUCKS

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9th August 2009

trampeador11:42am: my comics ^ )

3rd December 2005

magichappens12:54pm: Let's all hate Madonna together for that collection of samples she released and which the world thought was so innovative when really, it was mindless beats, samples and stupid references to Kablahblahblah.

More to follow : )

27th February 2005

fishycreambun7:05pm: It didn't work when you were 25, either.

Somebody's in denial.

19th February 2005

bamsmomsaysfuk5:33pm: Wow, this is wonderful!!
I thought the world was obsessed!
For what it's worth, I think she's just horrible. She infuriates me at the best of times.
Thats all ^_^


2nd December 2004

_mad0nna_3:20pm: ...

How can ya'll think she's a ugly talentless beyotch???
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3rd December 2004

love_technician1:17pm: i saw this and thought of you

you guys will love it

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1st November 2004

love_technician12:55pm: don't forget to vote tomorrow

4th October 2004

love_technician4:47pm: madonna news!
Sir Elton John launched a vitriolic attack on Madonna today, accusing her of cheating fans by miming on stage.
The star targeted the Queen of Pop in his latest public outburst.
Attending the Q Awards to pick up a prize for his songwriting, Sir Elton was incensed to find Madonna had been nominated for best live act.
Taking to the stage, Sir Elton blasted: 'Madonna - best f**ing live act? F*** off. Since when has lip-synching been live? Anyone who lip-synchs in public on stage when you pay £75 to see them should be shot.'
He ended his rant by saying: 'That's me off her f***ing Christmas card list but do I give a toss? No.'
Madonna did not win the award - that honour went to British band Muse.
She was nominated for her Re-Invention tour. The show attracted criticism in some quarters because tickets were so expensive.
Today's outburst at the Grosvenor House Hotel in Central London came after Sir Elton hit the headlines last month by branding Taiwanese photographers 'rude, vile pigs' in an airport bust-up.

Madonna responded to Elton John's outburst this afternoon with this short but sweet statement from Liz Rosenberg:
Madonna doesn't lip-synch, and does not spend her time trashing other artists.
However Elton John is still on her Christmas card list whether he is naughty or nice!

oh how sweet

what the hell happened? they used to be so happy together!
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3rd October 2004

love_technician9:55pm: for those of you who are interested:

Eminem will be lampooning Madonna in full blond ambition gear in his new video, set to premiere tomorrow on launch.com.

madge and em

em and madge

should be good... or bad, depending on how you look at it.


2nd October 2004

crazycritic6:13pm: Thank you
This is my first entry and it won't be my fucking last. I don't know about you, but Madonna is nothing but a saggy, wrinkled old STD infected artifact. She can't even sing, all of her songs sound shitty (vocal-wise, beat-wise, eh..) Someone needs to tell her to quit singing and retire! Shit, Loudres must be embarrassed as fuck having a buffed up gap-toothed troll for a mother. Holy shit, I know I would. Her husband must be to because he such be hung for even thinking that he wanted to marry this, this...shit.

She needs to quit hanging around Shitney Spears. She looks desperate, but the similarities are there, so it looks a little normal. They both can't sing, they love getting assraped, they're both ugly, they are horrid entertainers, they both need to be shot, their fans are crazy as fuck, they both aren't talented in any way on the planet Earth, they're both disgusting, Madonna fucked up feminism in her heyday while Britney fucked up America in hers (9/11, anyone?), they both need a reality check, they both need brains and a whole shitload of strange similarities.

But I digress, the point is that Madonna is a media whore that can't accept the fact that no one gives a shit about her reinevation anymore, as they realize that they're other more talented singers out there that deserve to be known. Besides her reinvention now just looks sad, not believable like before she contracted a wide-variety of STDs spanning from America to Australia. She isn't the Queen Of Pop, more like Queen Of Old Talentless Fucks. I wish nothing on her except that this filthy bitch finally realizes that she is nothing but a piece of shit. A scum, the lowest form of a human being, nah fuck it, she's a dog. A filthy, filthy dog with rabies.

Thank you, and goodfucking night.
Current Mood: This rant made me feel great!

25th September 2004

love_technician12:36pm: ok, guys...

i think we all need to do a better job of promoting the community. even the tori amos haters have a larger membership, and she's a lot harder to hate than madge... or should i say esther, harharhar.

so tell your friends. harass madonna communities, whatever. get the word out.

anyway, love and "cherish" (wink,wink) you all,
ima lovetechnician

Current Mood: madonna-esque... j/k!

23rd September 2004

g_hippo_alex4:58pm: hello,

I personally have had bad experiences with over-introducing myself in the past (side effects such as overly opinionated people, angry comments, religious fundamentalists, bushisms, lost teeth, and extra limbs) so I'm just not going to.

Well, lets see, I think any one who thinks reinventing oneself five thousand times is hip needs a serious labotomy. I also have no patience for people such as Hilary Duff, Brittany Spears, Beyonce, and of course, Madonna who like to pretend that they can act and that they are do-it-all artists. In fact, I don't even consider any of their music and especially their acting art...a succinct expression for what they make is: crap (sorry for whoever likes Hilary Duff or Spears or whoever but I've lately developed a serious contempt for any pop music). I get incredibly annoyed at all these people who claim that Madonna has been a serious activist for women's rights, or that she contributed x amount of millions of dollars to some hospital, or her work in the 80s really contributed to music, etc. I'm sorry, but wake up: you're talking about a multi-millionaire who owns ridiculous amounts of private property around the world who gives herself a makeover every week. Seriously, if you claim she really cares about women's freedom then why does she constantly change herself over and over again just to get media attention? However, I do want to squeeze in that I have no problem with her liberal comments at all, just as long as they have somewhat of an intellectual depth to them. I myself am an overly belligerent socialist so I tend to get easily embarrassed by misinformed boisterously opinionated people.

Ok, sorry...that was my rant of the day.
love_technician4:09am: THE BIO SAYS EVERYONE IS WELCOME... EVEN MADONNA!!!!! :D
i thought you all might enjoy a pictorial...
so enjoy... <3

uh ohhhhhhhh, spaghetti-o!

uh ohhhhhhhh, spaghetti-o!

uh ohhhhhhhh, spaghetti-o!

uh ohhhhhhhh, spaghetti-o!

uh ohhhhhhhh, spaghetti-o!

uh ohhhhhhhh, spaghetti-o!

uh ohhhhhhhh, spaghetti-o!

uh ohhhhhhhh, spaghetti-o!

5th September 2004

Anyway,s Hi! I'm a new memebr. I'm so glad I found an anti-madonna community here. This community seems pretty dead though, is it still active? If not, we should make it active. We could do like antiemmaw and have random picspams or polls over worst whatever and so on.

Anyways, Madonna annoys me

11th March 2004

fishycreambun9:08pm: She's a brick house
As for Madonna, no. Her fad should have passed by '89, but she's like those cases of polio, the kind that just... don't... go... away...

Or those mildew stains you get in your grout that you've got to buy special spritzers from informercials to remove, right? The cure for Madonna is to kill her. This could easily be done if we just ignored her in the media, and got VH1 to stop recognizing her as an icon.
What did she do? it's not like she introduced sex into pop music.

I've got to get back to my Labor vs. Capital. Finals make me feel hollow.
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